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first sight back home

《Abstractly substantiated hiraeth》 You smell the smelling of years like the sunlight vapors and You hear the hearing of time coming back and forth You see the seeing of wind silently flirting with the leaves and You touch the touchings of warmth like dusts everlastingly floating in the breath As if it seems the nonstopable time was beneath a kind of quiescence #first sight back home 📷@2016-2-7 14:33 📝@2016-2-9 21:40

2016-1-22 片段

2016-1-22,晨,地铁10号线,四平路-南京东路 寒冷的清晨,留着未醒的困倦。她的眼睛转向漆黑的玻璃窗,微微地打了一个哈欠,呵气温润如兰,我竟不禁想馥郁地沉浸在这气息里,我竟有了一瞬间的冲动;翕合的口露出下排的牙齿有些参差不齐,却是可爱的那种参差不齐,就着这呼吸给我的醉意,多想给她一个长长的吻,好好用舌尖细腻地充满回味地恋恋不舍地体会他们。